Experience and technology accumulated over a long period of time,
environmentally friendly and reliable products

  • March 1955

    Established Dongkwang Boiler Factory

  • February 1959

    Obtained the first mechanical engineer certificate in Korea

  • May 1965

    5 DW type water piping boiler (Acquired Utility Model Patent No. 2845)

  • June 1967

    7 Awarded the Seoul Mayor's Excellence Prize at the 1st Excellent Construction Materials Exhibition

  • October 1968

    Awarded the Excellence Award from the Minister of Science and Technology at the 8th National Product Exhibition

  • March 1969

    9 Awarded the Grand Prize of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court at the 9th Invention Exhibition

  • June 1971

    Water piping boiler (Acquired Utility Model Patent No. 7497)

  • October 1975

    Construction and relocation to the new factory in Doksan-dong, Guro-gu, Seou

  • August 1976

    6 Designated as a specialized machinery factory in the small and medium-sized boiler sector by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry

  • February 1978

    8 Designated as a high-pressure gas vessel and specialized machinery factory

  • March 1978

    Acquired a construction industry equipment license

  • March 1984

    Moved the factory to Uiwang-si, Gyeonggi-do

  • May 1984

    Developed and produced hot water boilers

  • March 1986

    Developed and produced once-through steam boilers

  • July 1987

    Developed and produced flue and smoke tube type of two-circuit double boilers

  • July 1987

    Hot water circulation system for flue and smoke tube type of two-circuit double boilers (Acquired Utility Model Patent No. 11583)

  • February 1988

    Produced pressure vessels and heat exchangers

  • March 1992

    Technical alliance with Manta in Italy for the boilerwater purification system

  • April 1992

    Unit assembly type of flue and smoke tube boilers (Acquired Utility Model Patent No. 6949)

  • August 1992

    Technical alliance with Naval in Italy for the boiler sector

  • May 1993

    Technical alliance with Imyf in Italy for the incinerator sector

  • July 1993

    Technical alliance with Nova in Italy for the magnetic water ware

  • October 1993

    New construction and relocation to Sihwa Industrial Complex in Gyeonggi-do

  • February 1994

    Acquired a heat-use equipment manufacturing business license

  • March 1994

    Produced hot water boilers with technology provided by Naval in Italy

  • May 1994

    Produced steam boilers with technology provided by Naval in Italy

  • July 1997

    Established Qingdao Factory in China

  • October 1997

    Established Dongkwang Boiler Co., Ltd.

  • February 1998

    Developed and produced vacuum hot water boilers

  • May 1998

    8 Q Mark designated company for quality assurance (industrial boiler sector)

  • July 1998

    Acquired a professional construction business registration certificate

  • July 1998

    Designated as a late-night equipment partner by KEPCO

  • July 1998

    Developed and produced the regenerative type of electric boilers

  • September 1998

    Trade business registration

  • September 1998

    Hot water heaters with steam boilers (Acquired Utility Model Patent No. 131887)

  • January 1999

    Acquired Q Mark designated as a quality assurance company (Electric boilers, electric water heaters)

  • May 2000

    Acquired ISO 9001 certification

  • October 2000

    Acquired CSQL in China

  • April 2004

    Registered as a venture company

  • June 2004

    Developed and produced the plate type heat exchangers

  • August 2005

    Acquired ISO14001 certification

  • December 2006

    Developed heat conduction boilers

  • June 2007

    Developed air boilers

  • February 2008

    Gas burner manufacturing business

  • March 2008

    Gas hot water boiler manufacturing business

  • April 2008

    Incorporated into Kiturami Boiler Co., Ltd.

  • March 2010

    Registered a machine facility construction business

  • March 2011

    Registered a refrigerator, specific equipment manufacturing business

  • August 2011

    Acquired Innobiz certification

  • April 2016

    Acquired green certification for all products and green technology product certification

  • September 2017

    Registered excellent products by Public Procurement Service

  • September 2019

    Selected as excellent products with new technology in the construction field of the Defense Facilities Headquarters